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Accounting and Tax Planning

"Hal Rosen and team is the best place for your business tax preparation. They will take excellent care of your needs. Looking forward to working with your firm for many years to come." – Heather R., Salt Lake City, UT

"I have used RFBM services for the past 3 years and have referred many of my business associates and friends. With my home based business and my annual multi IRS filing forms I have complete confidence in Hal as my resource for this and all my accounting needs." – Kim H., South Jordan, UT

"I think it's important to have a team a CPA's that not only know what they are doing, but also take the time to really understand someone's business and give solid strategy to avoid costly mistakes and make better decisions. RFBM CPA's take the time to do it right and add real value to and for the people they help."– Bryan H., Salt Lake City, UT

"Hal and company know their stuff. If you use Turbotax or H&R block you're leaving money with the government. Talk to RFBM and see how much you can really save on your taxes."– Ross R., Salt Lake City, UT

"I am in a related industry and I frequently refer my clients over to Hal and I always get back rave reviews. They tell me what great service they receive and that he takes care of them. I have seen some of the work he has done for clients and he makes it a good experience for businesses and individuals. He isn't just there to do this years taxes but to help you do tax planning for future years as well. That in itself is exactly what you should look for in a CPA." – Nicole P., Salt Lake City, UT

"I have used Hal and his team for past few years. I'm always looking for people and businesses who need help I can refer to them. I have complete confidence in their skills and keeping up to date on all tax filing changes. Hal has counseled me on my Home based business to be sure I have a three year business strategy, proper records for filing business and personal tax forms. These guys are the best!" – LeShel G.

"Excellent! I personally have had the pleasure of working with the firm for (+-) 10 years now, four major companies, exceeding positive results. We continue to benefit, due to an array of services offered by Baggaley & Rosen. We look forward to hammering out, tax planning, strategies, processes and procedures. Consequently, at year-end the 'Tax preparation' process is incredibly smooth, 'icing on the cake'. It's very easy to achieve, accurate results, when you have a company like Baggaley & Rosen, the staff is incredibly amazing, resulting in a partnership. We highly recommend Baggaley & Rosen and all they have to offer!" -Green Envi, LLC

"Hal Rosen is not only personable as well as professional, he was so great and very knowledgeable, I am self employed and he was EXCELLENT in helping me find all the things necessary for me to be able to complete my taxes. I also gave him a deadline and he had my taxes to me early, His prices are great too, I will and do tell anyone to go to Hal Rosen he is a amazing !!!!!" - Krista H., Salt Lake City, UT

QuickBooks & QuickBooks Training Seminars

"Hal not only has the experience as an accountant but has run a business himself. I'm not talking about an accounting firm, but a different type of business. Because of this he can relate to business owners and their unique problems. Hal has also helped me with quick books and has an answer to my QuickBooks questions. If you need a good accountant Hal is the one to call." – John T., Salt Lake City, UT

"I work for RPT, Inc. We are a physical therapy out patient practice & we have a person in charge of financials and pay roll items. She uses QuickBooks all the time. She went to the QuickBooks class that RFBM CPAs offers and stated that she learned more in that class then she ever thought she would. She stated it helped her streamline some items she was having a hard time with and now she knows who to talk to if she has any other issues. Thanks RFBM CPAs for a great class and for being a great resource for QuickBooks."  – Drew N., Salt Lake City, UT

"Excellent service and expert advice. I attended a Quickbooks class and learned how to better implement Quickbooks in my business and learned some tools that I didn't know you could do in Quickbooks. They also did my taxes and ensured every deduction was accounted for properly to minimize my taxes." – Jason K., Salt Lake City, UT

"Hal has helped me with my QuickBooks for more than 15 years. During that time he has dealt with some difficult issues, he has consolidated multiple companies, and he has prepared the required tax returns. His experience in working with small businesses is very valuable." -Kent H., Salt Lake City, UT

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

"I have referred several clients to Hal Rosen and his firm has done a fantastic job of providing timely knowledge and accounting solutions. For a business owner the accounting and tax nightmare that can occur can bring your business to its knees so it is important to have an advocate on your side to plan out your tax strategy. I highly recommend Hal Rosen and his staff to any business owner."  – Leo K., Salt Lake City, UT

"RFBM CPAs are trustworthy, timely and affordable. I know I can count on them as experts in their field and they do amazing work. I would recommend them to everyone! They're a pleasure to work with."– Lindzi M., Salt Lake City, UT

"Working with the RFBM staff has been a wonderful experience. They are awesome. Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Wish I had started with them years ago, as I could have avoided several headaches." – Robert N., Kalispell, MT

"My CPA is one of my biggest assets, just like having the best coach backing up your team on the filed, RFBM CPAs has made my "team" better. I never wonder whether or not I am getting the best refund and paying the lowest amount of taxes I need to when I have RFMB CPAs handle my taxes. I have been using them for the past few years and can't imagine it any other way. They are very knowledgeable, experienced and efficient; it's a great change from the CPA I had before that was good but not great. I highly recommend RFBM CPAs!" -Trent H., Herriman, UT

"Always give sound advice. Keep expectations under control. Able to handle technical issues very well. Supportive staff and well prepared to assist with any question." -Jed C., Tooele, UT

"We were and are happy to have you guys on our side doing our taxes, we know we are not your biggest clients but we do appreciate your diligence and quick response to getting our taxes done. Thanks for all your work.” -Bill & Terry S., South Jordan, UT

"I have worked with many CPAs over many years in business. I recommend Baggaley and Rosen CPAs (previous firm name) because they are Knowledgeable, provide timely response, have reasonable rates, and maintain a personal relationship.” –Ed D., Salt Lake City, UT"